Neutron Shielding

Premadex® was developed in conjunction with the Health Protection Agency, Harwell, specifically for neutron shielding. It is the product of collaborative research by experts in Neutron Physics, Radiation Shielding and Chemical Engineering. Based on an organo-lithium salt, it is very rich in hydrogen for the most efficient neutron moderation. The lithium content, which is distributed on a molecular level for maximum effect, is adequate to prevent the significant production of secondary gamma rays. Premadex® is a slightly waxy, lightweight solid material. It is non-flammable, has good ageing characteristics and can be cut to shape or poured molten into prefabricated shielding assemblies. Premadex® is an ideal shield wherever neutrons are found. Typical areas of application include Particle Accelerator Facilities, Neutron Source Containers, Glovebox Construction, Nuclear Facilities and Room-Scatter Attenuation.

Hinged and Sliding Power Operated Doorsets

Doors are manufactured using a tubular steel framework. Lead is fitted to both faces of the door to provide and easy and balanced movement. Doors are supported on heavy duty pivots or high capacity sliding door gear. Any specified paint, veneer or plastic laminate finish is available. Power operation is provided for all types of doors, complete with all necessary safety systems to meet specific site requirements and local regulations.