Shielding Systems

Protective Triple Panel

Triple panel made from white veneered hardboard with lead lining and surrounding steel profiles.

One center section plus two adjustable side wing panels fixed with radiation-proof hinges.

Mobile on swivelling castors with brakes for an easy movement.

Lead glass observation window of 30×40 cm (w/ h).

Lead equivalent of 2 mm Pb


X-Ray shielding screens & shields

Ceiling Suspended Protective Shield

X-Ray shielding screens & shields Ceiling support with connections for two supporting arms for mounting of over couch protective windows or protective shields.

Freely moveable and height adjustable spring supported arms in different lengths alowing an optimal preparation of the working area.

Supporting arms with integrated electric power supply for lamps, monitors or electronic units.

    Available accessories:

  • Adjustable protective shields
  • Contoured protective shields
  • Flexible radiation protective lamellas
  • Examination and operation lights
  • Monitor supports
  • Supports for electronic units and accessories

Mobile Protective Shield

X-Ray shielding screens & shields Mobile full body radiation protection shield with large transparent protective screen.

Optimal adoption by height adjustable and body contoured protective screen.

Flexible and adjustable lower body protection

Lead equivalentof 0,50 mm Pb

Stationary Lower Body Protector

Lower body protection shield for mounting at the accessory rails of the X-ray table sides.

Universal adjustable for an optimal positioning in front of the operator.

Mounting rack made of stainless steel.

Shields are made of lead rubber with tear resistant cover for easy cleaning and disinfection.

Lead equivalent of 0,50 mm Pb


X-Ray shielding screens & shields